Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lone Ranger figures I've found

At Universal Stop I have been compiling lists of the licensed merchandise that I've found. The information is sporadic--there is nothing comprehensive. Below is a compilation of the various action figures I've read about.

There are six Lego playsets for The Lone Ranger, with a photo of Armie Hammer in his costume on the boxes. I've seen them at Toys R Us and a Legos store.
1. Cavalry, 16.99, with John and three cavalry officers.
2. Comanche Camp, 24.99, with John, Tonto and Red Knee, plus a tepee, canoe and huge scorpions. Never mind that no one used a canoe in the movie.
3. Stagecoach, 37.99, with John, Tonto, Red, Jesús and Barret. Never mind that there wasn't a stagecoach in the movie.
4. Colby City Showdown, 59.99, with John, Tonto, Dan, Frank and Ray, with the bank. Never mind that Dan was long dead at this point. Frank wears his men's clothing and hat. I would have preferred the mantilla and parasol, but, well, never mind....
5. Silver Mine Shootout, 84.99, with John, Tonto, Big Bear, Butch and Kyle.
6. Constitution Train Chase, 119.99, with John, Tonto, Danny, Rebecca, Butch, Latham and Capt. Fuller.
Since I am not a Legos person, I was more interested in the little figures than the buildings. All the figures resemble the actors who played them, except for John Reid himself! I'm assuming that the playsets were based on an earlier version of the script, hence the giant black scorpions being shot from a catapult.

These are the three sets of dolls (okay, I said it, DOLLS!, for those of you who HAVE to call them action figures) I've acquired. I've seen others on ebay and I am hoping that I may be able to purchase some of them at the Barbie show this fall in Cincinnati or the doll and toy show in Dayton this fall. They are sold out from the Disney store. My main complaint from the ones I've seen so far is that the John Reid figures do not look like Armie Hammer. The ones for Tonto look like Johnny Depp and I suspect that is because Disney already has the rights to use his likeness because of the Pirates movies. I keep hoping that there will be figures eventually made that look like Armie.

1.  The Vinylmation figures are at the Disney store, original price $29.95, half price $12.99.
2.  The Infinity figures are at Toys R Us and are NOT cheap--$35.99! I learned today that there are a number of these little toys based upon contemporary Disney characters. This John figure not only does not resemble Armie, I think he looks like Bob Parr, Craig T. Nelson's character from The Incredibles!


Looking through ebay, these are the other action figures I have found:
1. Neca/Reel Toys, Series 1, 7 inches tall, Tonto with tomahawk (does NOT look like Johnny) and John with mask and guns (does NOT look like Armie). Not available in stores, only through ebay.
2. Neca/Reel Toys, Series 2, 7 inches tall, Tonto (looks like Johnny) with birdcage, John (does NOT look like Armie) with white hat but no mask. Not available in stores, only through ebay.
3. Neca/Reel Toys, 18 inches tall, Tonto (looks like a very grumpy Johnny) and John (kinda looks like Armie). Not available in stores, only through ebay. Kinda scary looking! (And what the devil would you do with an 18-inch tall doll? I have some of the SuperSize Barbie dolls, same size, and they are hard to handle and display.)
4. Neca/Reel Toys, 7 inches tall, Tonto bobblehead (looks like Johnny) and John (does NOT look like Armie). Not in stores and only available through ebay.
5. Disney, 12 inches tall, Tonto (looks like a younger, almost effeminate, Johnny). John (eyes look like Armie’s, but NOT the face). Beautiful clothing. Sold out from the Disney stores and can be found on ebay. The local Disney store did have the horse Silver for half-price, and I bought him. I've not yet photographed him, though. My Barbies want to ride him......
6. Heroclix 2 figure Mini Game, John and Tonto and a game board. These just started appearing on ebay. No information on the figures’ heights.

Amazon seems to be mostly media-related merchandise.  I also read about a company called Hot Toys making figures from the movie, but these are not found on ebay.  Neca's website--which I think is for dealers wanting to resell--has other types of merchandise such as wigs and hats and accessories. The local Disney store also had some other "stuff" such as costumes for small children (who shouldn't be seeing the movie to begin with!).  I've acquired some of it.

I've also purchased the two books and the Hans Zimmer score/soundtrack. Out of all of the merchandise, these three items are the best because they are beautiful!

Oh, and I am officially obsessed. Last night I saw the movie for the ninth time. I'm entering into Rocky Horror/Star Wars/Titanic/Gone with the Wind/Sound of Music territory....


D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing that Disney will produce a 12" Lone Ranger set. I'll see if I can find a photo of that set ;-D

skippercollector said...

This Twitter page appeared on Saturday. I have no idea if it is legitimate or not. I joined it out of curiosity.

Hamlette said...

I have three of the Lego Lone Rangers, and they have the cutest dimples in each cheek, the long, curved kind just like Armie's. So it does look a wee bit like him :-)