Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cases from the 1980s

Kissing Barbie case, the only horizontal single doll case
1980 (dated 1979) (no stock number)
Kissing Barbie Case
Made by Tara Toy Corp.  Note that the case is horizontal, not vertical
  • 1979 Kissing Barbie
  • 1978 SuperStar Ken
My dolls are the Kissing Barbie and SuperStar Ken in their original outfits.

Golden Dream Barbie trunk and Golden Dream case

1981 (dated 1980) #1002
Golden Dream Barbie Case
Made by Mattel
There were a number of Golden Dream Barbie cases.

  • 1981 Golden Dream Barbie in her original outfit

1981 (dated 1980) #1004
Golden Dream Barbie Fashion Doll Trunk
Made by Mattel

  • 1981 Golden Dream Barbie in #1958 Gold Spun
  • 1981 Golden Dream Barbie in her original outfit
My doll is the Golden Dream Barbie in her original overskirt and Fashion Collectible #3688 from 1982.

The case opens to reveal to sides with drawers and/or hooks
and clothing rods, plus a mirror in the middle.
1988 (dated 1987) #7222
Barbie and Skipper Closet Carrier
Made by Mattel
Blue lattice-work case.  For Teen Fun Skipper dolls
The case is cleverly designed but not very sturdy.  You can store and carry outfits in it but dolls make it too heavy to stay together.
As you are assembling the carrier, you will notice that it is easier to connect the lattice pieces with each other before putting on the tops and bottoms.  This is the opposite of what the instructions tell you to do.
One of its accessories is a pink container with a lid that the instructions call a storage box, but it sure looks like a clothes hamper!

My dolls are the 1988 Cheerleader Skipper in Teen Fun #5871 lingerie and the 1988 Island Fun Barbie in My First #4570 panties from 1988 and Fancy Frills #3181 pantyhose from 1987.

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