Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cases from the 1990s

Baywatch was a popular line in 1995.

These are the last of my cases.  I stopped collecting new merchandise in 1999.  I figured I had 40 years worth of Barbie stuff and didn't need to continue into the 21st century.  (Although I am still buying merchandise from 1999 and before, and probably will be for the rest of my life.)

The case opens up to a mirror on the left
and shelving on the right.

1991 (dated 1990) #7237
Wedding Day Barbie Fashion Trunk
Made by Arco
For Wedding Day Midge and Barbie dolls

  • No doll is pictured, but raised "B"s dot the outside.

My doll is 1991 Wedding Day Midge in her original bridal gown.

The playset came with two outfits.

1993 (dated 1993) #XU922-0310A
Barbie & Friends Case
Made by Tara Toys
J.C. Penney exclusive.  It holds six dolls, three on each side, but no clothing.  The quilted double-sided case also came with six white stands which are very nice.  Unfortunately, the locks are badly designed and the doors do not stay closed.

  • 1992 Pretty Hearts/Friendship Barbie
  • 1992 Pet Pals Skipper in her original outfit
  • 1993 titian Paint N Dazzle Barbie in her original outfit (called Paint N Fun Midge in Europe)
  • 1992 Roller Blade Ken in his original outfit
My doll is Pet Pals Skipper.

The interior of one side of
the Barbie & Friends case.

The Glitter Hair Barbie case is hard to find.
1995 (dated 1994) (no stock number)
Barbie Doll Case
Made by Mattel
The picture isn’t screen-printed onto the vinyl.  It is a paper photo glued inside a frame of vinyl.

  • 1994 redhead Glitter Hair Barbie in her original outfit
  • 1994 blonde Glitter Hair Barbie in her original outfit
  • 1994 brunette Glitter Hair Barbie in her original outfit
My doll is the redhead Glitter Hair Barbie.

1996 (dated 1995) #05-004-0553
Baywatch Lifeguard Barbie Lunchbox (see photo at top)
Made by Thermos

  • 1995 Baywatch Ken
  • 1995 Baywatch Barbie

My dolls are the Baywatch Barbie and Baywatch Ken NRFB.  Also shown is the Baywatch Jeep.

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