Sunday, June 14, 2015

Houses et al 1975 to 1979

A day of hiking has left Ken exhausted.
Barbie had the most beautiful swimsuits
and summer outfits in the mid-1970s!

Ginger stops by to check out Skipper's
teen bedroom with the reversible comforters.
Why WOULDN'T Barbie hang upside down?
The most comfortable outdoor spot in Willows
is Wishing Well Park.
The dress on the left is similar to many Barbie mid-70s outfits,
but she never had anything like the one on the right.
I think the 1975 version has the prettiest interior
of all of the Sleep N Keep cases.
It looks like Barbie used the leftover fabric
from making Skipper's canopy to sew herself a dress.
1974 (dated 1973) #7795
Pool Party
Made by Mattel.  The exterior is white metal with blue and yellow accents.  The interior is blue vinyl.
Only the 1975 version sold at Sears came with the mat.  For Malibu dolls

My dolls are 1974 Yellowstone Kelley in #7788 Dazzly Duds for Beach Days, 1975 SunSet Malibu PJ in #7241 Bright N Gay for Holiday Play, 1976 Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie in #7424 Regatta on the Sea and 1976 Deluxe Quick Curl PJ in #9664 Sears Vacation Outfit.

The 1976 summer Olympics were in Montreal, Quebec, in August.  Events included gymnastics (with Nadia Comenici), swimming and track/athletics (with Bruce...errr...whatever...Jenner).

1975 (dated 1974) #7240
Olympic Gymnast Set
Made by Mattel
Blue parallel bar.  For Olympic Malibu and Free Moving dolls dolls

My dolls are free Moving PJ and Free Moving Barbie in #7271 Gold Medal Swimsuit, SunSet Malibu Skipper in #7224 Gold Medal Swimsuit and Quick Curl Cara in #7244 US Olympic Fashions to Wear on Parade.

1975 (dated 1974) #7899
World of Barbie Sleep N Keep Case
Made by Mattel
Sears exclusive
1974 Sweet 16 Barbie in #7755 Dirndl Style from 1974
1975 Free Moving Barbie in generic red slacks, blue polka dot shirt, white short sleeve cardigan

My doll is Sweet 16 Barbie in Dirdnl Style.

1976 (dated 1975) #9282
Growing Up Skipper 2-in-1 Bedroom
Made by Mattel
Plain exterior.  For Growing Up Skipper and Ginger

My dolls are the 1976 Deluxe Quick Curl Barbie in #9757 Why, Gypsy? (which matches Skipper's canopy), 1975 Growing Up Skipper in #9021 Games in the Garden and Growing Up #9023 and 1976 Growing Up Ginger in #9121 Going to School and #9122 Happy Days.

1976 (dated 1975) #9271
Young Sweethearts Wishing Well Park
Made by Mattel
This is the most elaborate and beautiful playset Mattel ever made.  Unfortunately, I do not have all of the pieces.  For Michael and Melinda

My dolls are Michael and Melinda in #9585 Party Day Blue.

1979 (dated 1978) #2316
Campin’ Out
Made by Mattel
Playset only with orange tent.  For Sun Lovin' Malibu dolls

My doll is 1979 Sun Lovin' Ken in Fashion Collectible #1376.

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