Sunday, June 21, 2015

Houses et al 1980 to 1984

Honey is one of the few horses
that the dolls can actually sit astride.
A large dog such as Beauty takes Christie for a walk,
not the other way around!

I don't know which set of dishes goes with the Bubbling Spa,
so Skipper and Barbie are using both.
There's a very slight difference between the brown shades
of the accessories of the cart and the grill.
The battery-operated Electronic Piano allows us humans
to play simple tunes such as "Alouette."
Very scary--the toilet actually flushes.
Also, Barbie's name is imprinted on the top of the tank.
Note the early mobile phone that was included with the Dream 'Vette!
Note the Yale pennant, the birthday card and the "Forever" Valentine
on the wall of Starr's bedroom.
The exterior of the Fashion Doll Bedroom Case
1981 (dated 1980) #10900
Fashion Doll Bedroom Case
Made by Tara Toys
Although not mentioned as such, the case was designed for the 1980 Springfield High Starr dolls.
Pictured are the 1980 Starr wearing #3321 Slumber Number from 1981 and 1980 Kelley in a generic jeans and blouse.

My dolls are the 1980 Starr in #3321 Slumber Number and 1980 Kelley in #1388  Casual Living.

1982 (dated 1981) #5019
Beauty and Puppies
Made by Mattel
Fur Afghan hound and plastic pups, but all I own is Beauty herself.

My doll is Pink N Pretty Christie in #3676 Sun Top and Shorts.

1981 (dated 1980) #3299
Dream Vette
Made by Mattel
Pink Corvette Stingray.  For Golden Dream dolls

My doll is Golden Dream Barbie in Fashion Collectible #3688 from 1982 and her original overskirt.

1982 (dated 1981) #5085
Barbie Electronic Piano.  Cream-colored, battery-operated grand piano with stool.  For bent-arm, dressier dolls such as Pink N Pretty Barbie (who is pictured on the box)

My doll is Pink N Pretty Barbie in #3800 Fun N Fancy, both from 1982.

1983 Dream House (dated 1982) accessories.  For the Dream Date dolls
Made by Mattel
#1045 Dream House Commode
Playset with orange toilet and white towel rack.

My doll is Dream Date Barbie in #5610 My First Slumber Party.

#1478 Dream House Patio Barbecue
Playset with burnt orange grill
#1480 Dream House Patio Recliner
Playset with burnt orange patio furniture
Both made by Mattel

My dolls are Hawaiian Barbie in #5703 Fancy Pants, Dream Date PJ in #5703 Fancy Pants (the Kmart version) and Bride Tracy in #5701 Garden Party.

1983 (dated 1982) #5880
Honey, Skipper’s Show Pony
Made by Mattel
Dark brown horse playset.  For Horse Lovin’ Skipper

My doll is Horse Lovin' Skipper in her original outfit.

1984 (dated 1983) #7145
Bubbling Spa
Pink exterior.  Sun Gold Malibu dolls

My dolls are Sun Gold Malibu Barbie in Fashion Extras #4917 halter top and #4914 shorts and visor, and Sun Gold Malibu Skipper in #4876 Pool Party.

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