Monday, August 31, 2015

Houses et al 1995 to 1999

Kelly started out as about 1 year old
when she was first introduced in 1995.
The Movie Theatre is one of Mattel's cleverest inventions.
Through a series of mirrors, the dolls can actually watch a movie or TV show.
Some of the accessories you see with Pet Doctor Barbie are hers
and others are just pieces I've accumulated.
Note that the fabric used in the 1992 Teen Talk Barbie
was reused for Pizza Party Skipper's and Courtney's uniforms.
Barbie and Stacie have invited over Ken and Tommy for Thanksgiving.
I don't know about Barbie, but it was difficult
to squeeze Ken into the Sports Cruiser! 
Since my Baywatch dolls are still in their boxes,
I am just showing you the Jeep.
The Powhatan Village is an elaborate Disney playset.
1995 (dated 1994) #12489
Kelly New Baby Sister of Barbie playset
Made by Mattel
The Kelly/Shelly dolls were introduced with a playset that included a a crib with a crib with a sliding side and numerous baby accessories.

My Kelly doll is wearing her original bunny suit and pacifier.

1995 (dated 1994) #67206
Barbie Baywatch Rescue Wheels
Yellow Jeep.  For the Baywatch dolls

1995 (dated 1994) #67217
Pocahontas Powhatan Village Play Set
Made by Mattel
Tan tent with numerous accessories.  For the Sun Colors dolls

My dolls are Spirit of Love Pocohantas and John Smith and Sun Colors Nakoma, all from 1995, in their original outfits.

1996 (dated 1995) #14618
Movie Theatre
Made by Mattel
Pink and white concession stand and white theater seats.  Pink and white screen with mirrors.  This is my all-time favorite Barbie playset.

My dolls are Erica Kane/Susan Lucci, Tropical Kayla, 1996 Gymnast Stacie and Dress Up Kayla in Movie Premiere (no stock number), a Toys R Us exclusive.  With the exception of Stacie, all the dolls and the outfit gift set are from 1998.

1996 (dated 1995) #65033-91
Skipper’s Pizza Party Pizza Shop
Made by Mattel
Pizza Hut restaurant with red walls.  For Pizza Party Skipper, Courtney and Kevin.   The dolls and playset all came with numerous pizza-making accessories. Kevin also came with a blue helmet.

My dolls are Pizza Party Skipper, Kevin and Courtney in their original outfits plus accessories, plus 1992 Teen Talk Barbie in her original outfit.

1996 (dated 1995) #67163
Barbie Sports Cruiser
Made by Arco
Blue Jeep with dark pink accents

My doll is Sparkle Beach Ken in Fashion Avenue #14677.

1997 (dated 1996) #67551
Folding Pretty Dining Room
Made by Mattel
Cream and white furniture with candelabra, roast turkey and white cake.  The Folding Pretty lines are beautiful and sturdy but actually too small scale for Barbie!
1997 (dated 1996) #67553
Folding Pretty Living Room
Made by Mattel
Cream and white furniture with television and houseplant.  I don't know who the doll is on the TV.  The doll in the picture frame is Party Premiere Barbie from 1993.

My dolls are Hula Hair Barbie in Fashion Avenue #16952, Big Brother Ken and Little Brother Tommy, all from 1997.  Ken and Tommy are in Fashion Avenue Matching Styles #18117 from 1998.    1996 Gymnast Stacie is in #12613 Tea Set for Two from 1995, which is also pictured on the box.

1997 (dated 1996) #14603
Pet Doctor Barbie
Doll with white doctor's coat and pink animal print pants.  Ken's beagle is named Shep and the domestic shorthair cat is Nurse Kitty.

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