Monday, September 7, 2015

Houses et al 1990 to 1994

The Arco Pool House from 1991 was one of the most popular Barbie houses ever.
On ground level are Barbie, Belle and Ken and on the balcony are Nichelle and Fashion Friend.
Ice Capades Barbie must work out every day
before performing her skating routines.
Wet N Wild Kira and Skipper and Hawaiian Fun Christie
try out some of the Wet N Wild sports equipment.
Pep rally at Central Junior High School
The plain white T-shirts came
with the Cool Tops Skipper T-Shirt Shop.
If you're patient, you can make Stacie stand on her scooter.
The Starlight Motor Home came with accessories
too fancy for camping:
a candelabra, wine bottle and glasses, even a teapot!
The 1990s Skipper dolls' legs don't bend enough
to allow them to mount Chelsie,
forcing them to ride sidesaddle.
The motor bike came with a helmet and seat belt
but they do not fit Skipper properly.
1990 (dated 1989) #7426
Wet N Wild Pool
Made by Mattel
Blue vinyl pool.  For the Wet N Wild dolls.  The pool is not as sturdy as it looks; it does not stay upright when you add water.

1990 (dated 1989) #7427
Wet N Wild Surf Set
Made by Arco
Playset with sailboard and beach umbrella. For the Wet N Wild dolls

My dolls are Wet N Wild Skipper in Walgreens Fashion Starter #721-5 blue bikini and Wet N Wild Kira in Wet N Wild #1088.  Also, Hawaiian Fun Christie in Hawaiian Fun #7251, both from 1991.

1990 (dated 1989) #4955
Cool Tops Skipper T-Shirt Shop
Made by Mattel
Pink and yellow backdrop.  For Cool Tops Skipper and Courtney

My dolls are Cool Tops Skipper in Cool Tops #9080 and Cool Tops Courtney in part of her original outfit.  Also shown are the shirt and accessories for #9088 Ice Cream Fun and the shirt for Cool Tops #9059.

1990 (dated 1989) #7460
Skipper Motorbike
Made by Mattel
Pink Vespa.  For Cool Tops Skipper (who is pictured on the box) and Courtney

My doll is Cool Tops Skipper in her original outfit.

1990 (dated 1989) #7432
Dress N Play Exercise Center
Made by Arco

My doll is 1990 Ice Capades Barbie in Sporting Life #777 Tennis.

1991 (dated 1990) #7431
Fully Furnished Pool House
Made by Arco
Pink frame (faded to orange) with pink and white walls

My dolls and outfits are all from 1991.  They are Wedding Day Barbie in Fashion Find #2612, Costume Ball Ken in Active Wear wetsuit, Disney Classics Belle in Midge Wedding Day #9632, World of Beauty Nichelle in Shani Fashion #1969, and Kmart Party Dress Fashion Friend in Dress Collection #7488, the most beautiful sundress Mattel has ever made.

1992 (dated 1991) #7596
Dress N Play Cheerleader Set
Made by Arco
Cheerleading outfit, accessories and wall locker.  This was a Woolworth's exclusive.
My doll is a redhead 1992 Talking Barbie in the outfit.
1992 (dated 1991) pack
Skipper Trendy Teen pack outfit
Made by Arco
Blue and pink cheerleader outfit that matches Barbie's.
My doll is Sun Sensation Skipper.
1993 (dated 1992) #9333
Skipper School Days Playset
Made by Mattel
Came with a locker, desk, letter jacket and white leggings.  This was an Ames exclusive.  1991 Hawaiian Fun Skipper is pictured on the box.  For Teen Fun Skipper dolls.
1993 Mermaid Skipper is wearing the outfit.
Other dolls are Baton Twirling Skipper, Cheerleader Courtney and Basketball Kevin in their original outfits, all from 1993.

1993 (dated 1992) #9365
My Sister Stacie Gift Set
Lavender skirt outfit, scooter, skateboard, tennis racquets and ball and other items

My doll Little Sister Stacie from 1992 is wearing the outfit.  Skipper has an identical Trendy Teen outfit from 1993 (which I don't own).

1993 (dated 1992) #10081
Skipper’s Horse Chelsie
Made by Mattel
Palomino pony.  For Teen Fun Skipper dolls
My doll is Baton Twirling Skipper in #10077 Create Outrageous Fashions with Sweetheart Rhinestones.

1994 (dated 1993)
Starlight Motor Home
Made by Mattel
Fuchsia tent with yellow stars (I don't have the camper) and romantic dinner accessories.  For Camp dolls
My dolls are Camp Ken and Camp Skipper in their original outfits and the blonde 35th Anniversary Barbie in Greatest Barbecue Ever (no stock number), which came with fruit and a bowl.  Who said the commemorative Barbie had to remain in her zebra swimsuit forever?!

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