Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Boxes 1970s

It's not well-known that the rooms of the Lively Livin'/Live Action/Surprise House had names!
Barbie's feet reach the pedals of her Ten Speeder
only if she is almost standing.
For once, PJ gets more attention than Barbie!

This is the first version (1974) of the Pool Party box.
The second version (1975), a Sears exclusive, includes a mat.
Despite all the clashing colors, the 2-in-1 Bedroom is surprisingly attractive.
Play Paks were sold between 1979 and 1982.
Dolls are made of vinyl, accessories and playsets are plastic, clothing is fabric, and their containers in cardboard.  Only in toy collecting is the cardboard just as important as the vinyl.  All of that cardboard I've accumulated is in the basement, and I'm surprised it has not yet gone up in flames!
The following is a lot of trivia I've discovered regarding the Barbie houses and playset boxes.  Since I started collecting in the mid-1980s, most of my packaging is from after that, unless I was lucky to find an used item from before that in its box.

These are the boxes I have, and some details you might not know about them.

Live Action House (1971)
The dolls pictured are 1970 Living Skipper in her original swimsuit, 1969 Twist N Turn PJ in 1969 #1484 Mellow Yellow, 1970 Bend Leg Ken in his original outfit, 1970 blonde Living Barbie in her original swimsuit, 1970 Twist N Turn Stacey in 1970 #1465 Lemon Kick, 1969 brunette Twist N Turn Casey in her original swimsuit, 1969 Twist N Turn Christie in her original swimsuit and 1968 white Talking Stacie in 1969 #1806 Movie Groovie.
The rooms are called Friends N Family Room, Colorful Cookin' Kitchen and Beautiful Dreamer Bedroom.

Barbie's Pool Party (1974)
SunSet Malibu Ken, SunSet Malibu Barbie and SunSet Malibu Francie are shown in their original swimsuits.

Olympic Gymnast Set (1975)
1975 Gold Medal PJ in her original outfit, not Barbie, is the lead doll pictured on the box.

Growing Up Skipper's 2-in-1 Bedroom (1976)
1976 Growing Up Ginger and 1975 Growing Up Skipper are shown in their original outfits.

Campin' Out (1979)
A 1977 SuperStar Barbie wears 1979 Best Buy #2220 on the box.

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