Thursday, September 10, 2015

Boxes 1990s

I think the Cool Tops Skipper on the box is a prototype.
Skipper had a Vespa in 1990,
long before they became popular again.
I wish the actual pool was more sturdy,
the way it is shown on the box.
Unfortunately, neither the catamaran nor the jet ski stay afloat.
Oh, how I love the pool house!  Note the lake in the background.
Why does Mattel make horses with such ridiculously long manes?
The back of the My Sister Stacie Gift Set box.
It was a clever idea to make and sell an outfit and furniture together.
The back of the New Baby Sister Kelly box
I wish I knew what the audience was watching!  I think the audience consists of Midge, Ken, Skipper and Teresa.
If you put the Pizza Party dolls and playset together,
you end up with DOZENS of accessories!
The living room furniture is beautiful but it's too short!
1990s boxes

From the 1990s, I have:

Cool Tops Skipper T-Shirt Shop (1990)
Prototypes of Cool Tops Skipper and Courtney are shown on the box.

Skipper Motor Bike (1990)
1990 Cool Tops Skipper in her original outfit is shown on the box.

Wet N Wild Barbie Pool Set (1990)
Wet N Wild Ken, Wet N Wild Skipper and Wet N Wild Barbie in their original outfits are on the box.

Wet N Wild Barbie Surf Set (1990)
Wet N Wild Skipper and Wet N Wild Barbie in their original swimsuits are on the box.

Barbie Fully Furnished Pool House (1991)
1989 Beach Blast Skipper Skipper in 1990 #714-5 Barbie Club, 1989 Animal Lovin' Ken in 1989 Dream Date #719-4, and 1989 Cool Times Barbie in 1990 Yacht Club #8013 swimsuit.  Skipper's "hairband" is actually an inner tube from one of the Arco swim/pool sets!

Chelsie, Pretty Pony (1993)
1991 Hawaiian Fun Skipper (I think) in 1993 #2236 Find Out Who Won the Dance Contest is shown on the box.

My Sister Stacie Gift Set (1993)
1993 Party N Play Stacie models the outfit on the box.  Note the fenced-in yard overlooking the ocean.

Skipper School Days Playset (1993)
The Hawaiian Fun Skipper on the box wears the outfit prototype, pedal-pusher length white jeans, which were popular at the time.  The actual outfit has white knit stretch leggings.

New Baby Sister Kelly (1995)
The back of the box shows 1994 Camp Barbie in an outfit I can't identify and Kelly in her party dress.

Barbie Movie Theatre (1996)
1994 Camp Barbie, the doll in the concession stand, wears 1996 #14631 School Spirit with a replacement white turtleneck.

Pizza Party Skipper Pizza Shop (1996)
On the box are 1993 Party N Play Stacie in #10746 Swimsuit, Shorts and Top, Plus Beach Gear from 1994, 1993 Party N Play Todd in his original outfit, and 1995 Pizza Party Courtney, Skipper and Kevin their original outfits.  They're not uniforms, they're too revealing!

Barbie Folding Pretty Living Room (1997)
1996 Songbird Barbie in 1996 Fashion Avenue #14365 and 1996 Gymnast Stacie in 1995 #12613 Tea Set for Two are pictured on the box.

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