Monday, July 4, 2016

Skipper McCall's 7480 pattern

These are all four of the McCall's Skipper patterns.  7841 is the most difficult to find.

The sailor suit is the most difficult outfit
to make, with its pleated skirt.
I've always thought the party dress pattern
was absolutely darling!

The sleeveless blouse and slacks were made
from the jacket and pants pattern,
but the jacket was from the sailor suit combo.
A cousin gave me the McCall's Skipper pattern 7480 in 1974, and my mother and I made a few outfits from it.  I was 13 in 1974 but still playing with my Barbies periodically, and our Skippers had far fewer clothes than Barbie and Francie did.  Like the other patterns, it disappeared, but over time I re-bought it, as well as the other three McCall's Skipper patterns.
7480 was the first pattern, dated 1964 for the 1965 market.  The other patterns are:  7841 from 1965/1966, 7716 from 1966/1967 and 8357, also from 1966/1967 (note the Popover jumper and Francie's Go Granny Go gown, both sold in 1967).
I made the party dress but simply used a small swatch of fabric rather than the two rows of lace in the pattern for the skirt.  I also made the green pantsuit and white blouse, while my mother made the very 70s double knit polyester pantsuit that I think works better as pajamas.  1965 straight leg tan blonde Skipper models the dress and 1965 bend leg tan blonde Skooter shows the two versions of the pantsuit.  You see the back of the jacket; note the fabric cut on the bias.

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