Monday, July 4, 2016

Barbie Simplicity pattern 6208

Simplicity sold 6208 in 1966, and resold the pattern as 1242 in 2015.

Three versions--two of them vinyl-
of the double-breasted coat that my mother made.
I knitted the scarf myself about 10 years ago.

A shortened version of the strapless gown
made a nice sundress.

Of all the dresses my mother made,
the drop-waist mini was always my favorite!

I think the longer version of the sundress
is supposed to be a wedding gown.

The coolest of the outfits was the culottes.  The mint green and apricot culottes are perfect for a Color Magic.

The classic 1960s "shift."

Note that both the winter coat and the jacket
to the suit have three-quarter length sleeves.

Two regular length versions
of the high-waisted sundress.

The slacks and jacket have always fit Francie-size dolls better,
although the blouse fits both her and Barbie.

Simplicity pattern 6208, dated 1965 for the 1966 market, was the pattern my mother used the most often.  1966 was the height of the Barbie haute couture period, and the patterns are very classy and yet just a little bit mod too.  My sisters and I had the greatest amount of outfits made from this set of patterns.
The slacks in this pattern are tight-fitting and are more suited for Francie than they are for Barbie.  Mom adapted the slim strapless gown by shortening it and adding straps.  She also lengthened the sundress and made it a maxi dress.  The two dolls modeling the outfits are 1966 blonde Color Magic Barbie (the only Barbie-size doll I own from that year), and 1966 blonde straight leg Francie.
The pattern also includes instructions for making the scarf, the necklace, the rose and the neck bow.  Simplicity recreated the pattern in 2015 with stock number 1242--it's far more costly now than it was in 1965!--and you can find the recreated version in fabric stores now.

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