Monday, July 4, 2016

Barbie McCall's 9099

I don't know why so many of the McCall's outfits had no waistline!

This flowered mini shift is made from picture B,
turned around and without the zipper.

Pastels work well for the nightgown and robe.

The V shaped insert makes for a swingy mini.
Note that the jacket and cap are made of felt.

The mini dress with the yoke seems to fit the Francie-size dolls better.

Taken with my mother's 1940s Brownie camera in winter 1972.
Yes, it was cold on the patio!

Barbie McCall's pattern 9099, dated 1967 for the 1968 market, was designed for the mod dolls.  I think the drawing in pattern F looks like a blonde Natalie Wood.  Some of the others could be Julie Christie, Marta Kristen and Yvonne Craig.  The pattern also included instructions for the earrings, dress bow, purse, cap and boots.  The cap that my mother made still exists, but the vinyl boots she created are gone.
The dolls modeling the outfits are all from 1967 or 1968, and they are a straight leg brunette Barbie, a blonde Twist N Turn Barbie,  a brunette Talking Barbie, a white Talking Stacy, a blonde Twist Francie and two blonde Twist Caseys.
As for the pathetically blurry black-and-white photo, I took it on our back patio in 1972.  It's a combination of my sisters' and my dolls, and they are, left to right, 1970 brunette Living Barbie, 1968 blonde Twist N Turn Skipper, 1970 blonde Twist N Turn Francie, 1966 blonde Tutti in a brunette Hair Fair wig, 1970 Twist N Turn PJ, 1970 Sandy Flatsy, 1971 Growing Pretty Hair Francie and 1968 Talking Ken.  Poor Ken and Skipper did not have winter coats and so they borrowed two of the capes made from pattern 9099.  Neither the white vinyl (Ken) nor the pink corduroy (Skipper) capes are still around, nor is the orange double knit polyester coat that Barbie has on.

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