Monday, July 4, 2016

Perkins Lincoln pattern A26994

My mail order envelope

The photo of Ricky, Ken, Barbie and Skooter that came with the instructions

Front view of the women's gowns.
There was also a veiled cap for Barbie but I cannot find it.

Side view of the gowns.
As soon as I put the cap on Casey,
I heard her say in a British accent, "Blimey!"

The 1969 Twist N Turn Skippers with the curly ponytails
are quite era-appropriate for their dresses.

Even though the man's coat is supposed to represent the 1860s,
I still think early 1700s Barnabas Collins every time I see it!

The Perkins historical patterns were dated 1968, and first showed up in the back page ads of craft magazines in 1969.  They were still advertised in the mid-1970s, which is when I bought the Lincoln Family pattern.  But I didn't get around to making the outfits until I was in college in the early 80s, as that was then I had gotten my first job and had extra spending money.  At that point, I was able to purchase real fabrics such as satin and felt ribbon at the store for the patterns.

There were five Perkins patterns:  A26992 Colonial Family, A26993 Pioneer Family, A26994 Lincoln Family, A26995 Daniel Boone Family and A26996 Pilgrim Family.

I made two of the woman's gowns, one for my PJ doll and a slightly altered one for my Francie.  I made two Skipper-size dresses for my Twist N Turn and Living Skippers.  The Ken suit was actually fun to make, and I was able to combine some of the steps of making it.

You will notice that the pattern picture has an odd assortment of Barbies: Ricky, early straight leg Ken, Twist N Turn Barbie and a bend leg Skooter.  I didn't make the boy doll outfit because A) I didn't have a boy doll at the time, and B) I never heard of Ricky until I started collecting a few years later.  I didn't add all of the accessories shown in the picture, and obviously didn't make the top hat.

All the dolls are from 1969: Brunette Talking Barbie, brunette Twist Casey (note that her hair has not oxidized), Talking Ken, and blonde and brunette Twist N Turn Skippers.

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