Saturday, August 13, 2016

Grace wears Chanel

Princess Grace admits her feet are killing her
and has taken off her spike heels.
She's spent the day modeling for Chanel.

I have no idea who made this suit, but now I now what the suit is called.
I purchased a Midge wearing this suit about 10 years ago at the Burlington, Ky., antique show.  It's beautifully made, but there is no tag.  I doubt it was handmade, because the snap in the skirt is the type that is pushed in by a machine rather than sewn in.  I'm assuming it was made by Shillman either under that name or another one of its umpteen company names.  I'm also assuming it was made in the early or mid-1960s, since Midge was wearing it, and because of the style and the amount of detail in it.
The ad that you see is from the August 2016 issue of Elle.  When I paged through it and saw this ad, that's when I realized that the doll's outfit was a Chanel copy.
Wearing the suit is Princess Grace, the precursor to Maddie Mod.  I added the blouse, gold clutch and shoes.  Although Grace's feet are smaller than Barbie's, the clone shoes are even tinier, and pop off of Grace's feet.

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Anonymous said...

I think the doll was always called Maddie Mod, but the earlier dolls are copywrited Princess Grace. I can show you a packaged doll.