Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fashionista comments, part one

If I were to bleach my hair,
I think I might look a little like Chambray Chic.

Crazy for Coral has the closed-mouth Skipper face.

Kitty Cute's cap is molded black plastic
stapled to her head, and difficult to remove.

I don't own many dolls with odd
color hair, such as Tutu Co

Although I haven't bought much new stuff since 1999, I have purchased four Barbie Fashionistas and removed them from their box  Not only that, I undressed them (gasp)!  I wanted to measure them.

I purchased three Petite dolls: 2016 Kitty Cute with very pale skin and freckles and long red hair; 2016 Crazy for Coral, an African-American with very curly hair; and 2017 Tutu Cool, Caucasian with long lavender hair; and one Curvy, Chambray Chic with the yellow and blue minidress and long very pale blonde hair.  I purchased the Petites because they are Skipper-ish, and Curvy, well, I can identify with her (never mind).

These are the sizes of the dolls:
11 inches tall
5 1/4 inch bust
4 1/2 inch waist
6 inch hips

10 1/2 inches tall
4 1/2 inch bust
3 3/4 inch waist
4 3/4 inch hips

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Black Doll Enthusiast said...

The measurements are quite helpful!