Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Fashionista comments, part two

The fashion on the left is
by Greenbrier International, a Dollar Tree toy company.

Barbie looks much more comfortable
in the Dollar Tree dress, plus I made her belt into a hairband.

Chambray Chic Barbie nude,
with an awful haircut.

After Barbie put on her new dress,
she got her hair trimmed
so now the edges are even.

I made a discovery by accident when I was at Dollar Tree.  I found a $1 outfit that looked very much like Chambray Chic's outfit, but somewhat prettier.  I bought that outfit and it was because of that purchase I decided to also buy Chambray Chic.
Chambray's original dress, a top that looks like a sleeveless denim shirt and a yellow skirt, is a little small on her.  Her bizarre belts sit too high on her torso.  And I do not like her black T-strap flats.
The Dollar Tree outfit is also a dress that has a sleeveless bodice that looks like denim, with a slightly longer yellow skirt covered with glitter, and a sewn-on-pink satin belt.  Barbie can't wear the blue heels that came with the outfit, though, although she can use the purse.
One other detail--her hair was very jaggedly cut and is very soft and flyaway.  I trimmed the ends so the hair would be more even.
I have a photo of the doll and outfit side by side NRFB, and one of Barbie redressed.

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Black Doll Enthusiast said...

I really like the Dollar Tree fashion. I'm surprised Curvy Barbie can wear it. I will definitely have to make a special trip to the one near me to see if they have it. Keeping my fingers crossed. ZiZi needs something else to wear.