Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Larger fashion dolls, the 1980s

Greenbrier's products at Dollar Tree vary in quality.
Its unnamed fashion dolls, both Chelsea- and Barbie-sized, are obviously very cheap.
But the clothing seems nicer than Mattel's, and much less expensive!

Sirene the mermaid is also
by Greenbrier International.

Hasbro's Jem so dominated the market for larger fashion dolls in the 1980s that hardly anyone else tried to compete with her.

Aurora et al by Tonka
Banee et al by Hasbro (little sister)
Debbie Glitter by Zodiac Toys, sold at Debenhams in England
Gloria by xxxx
Jem et al by Hasbro (Jem)
Maxie et al by Hasbro
Rachel by Zodiac Toys, sold in England
Rio by Hasbro (Jem’s boyfriend)
Rob by Hasbro (Maxie’s boyfriend)

Veronica Davina by Plaggon, sold in Greece

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