Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Larger fashion dolls, the 1970s

Another Midwood Brands/Family Dollar product
are the Girl Superheroes.
Shouldn't it say, "Superheroines"?

Although there were a number of dolls slightly larger than Barbie in the 1960s, most notably Tammy and Sindy, it was in the 1970s that the 12-inch dolls and their action figure companions really became popular.  Here are some of the Mattel competitors of the 1970s.

Celebrity dolls by Mego
Darci by Kenner
Dusty and Skye by Kenner
Eric by Ideal
Fleur by Otto Simon, 1970s to present, sold in Holland
Kathy by Playmates
Kristy McNichol by Mego (little sister) (Family)
Liza Jane by xxxx (little sister)
Nina Ballerina by Tomy
Scarlet by N
Tuesday Taylor et al, plus Dorothy Hamill by Ideal
TV and Star Wars dolls by Kenner, 1970s to present (Star Wars et al)
Victoria Jane by Zodiac Toys, sold at Debenhams in England
Yoko by Tomy, sold in Japan
The following dolls do not have given names.

Hot Pants by xxxx, 1970s

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