Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Larger fashion dolls, the 1960s

The Glimma Girlz by Funville/Dolgencorp
are the nicest line of dolls now being sold by Dollar General.
Although not mentioned as such,
I'm assuming that Dolgencorp's Sweet Princess is Glimma's sister.

I'm dividing the second half of the competitors series by decade, not by Barbie.  Although many people call these dolls "clones" most of them bear little or no resemblance to Ms. Roberts.  Unless otherwise noted, these dolls are 11 1/2 to 12 1/2 inches tall, older teen girls or young women who are someone stockier than Barbie with smaller breasts.

Betsy McCall by Uneeda (11 1/2 inch version)
Brenda Starr by Madame Alexander
Calico Lassie by Kellogg’s/Unique
Cheeky by Telsalda, sold in England
Cinderella, Poor and Rich versions, by Horsman, 1960s
Daisy by Mary Quant, 1960s to 1980s, sold in England
Doris by Prima (little sister)
Sister Bertrille/Sally Field by Hasbro (The Flying Nun)
Young Miss Geraldine by WF Quality Toys
Gina and Sandra by Davtex
Dr. John Littlechap by Remco (father)
Judy by Mayfair, sold in Canada
Judy by WF Quality Toys (Wendy’s sister)
Judy Littlechap by Remco (older teenager)
Libby Littlechap by Remco (little sister)
Linda by Linda, sold in England
Lisa Littlechap by Remco (mother)
Lorna by Allied Eastern, sold at Grant’s
Mary Ann/Dawn Wells by xxxx (Gilligan’s Island)
Mary Poppins/Julie Andrews by Horsman, 1960s and 1970s
Merlena by Sharing
Miss Marjie by Pullan, sold in Canada
Mindy Mod by Jilmar
MuLan by xxxx (not to be confused with dolls from the 1997 movie)
Patty Duke by Horsman
Peggy by Horsman (little sister)
Peggy by Plastic Molded Arts (little sister)
Pepper et al by Ideal (little sister and brother)
Petra by Plasty, sold in Germany, 1960s and 1970s (by the late 1970s she had downsized into the same size as Barbie)
Randy and Mary Lou by Fab Lu (little sister)
Rena by Grants Plastics
Samantha Stevens/Elizabeth Montgomery by Ideal (Bewitched)
Shelley by Eegee/Goldberger Toys
Sindy et al by Pedigree/Marx, 1963 to 1986, Pedigree/Vivid Imaginations/New Moons 1997 to 2016, sold in England (Hasbro bought the rights to the doll in 1986 and changed her into a Barbie-size doll.  Tesco bought the rights in 2016 and changed her into an American Girl-size doll.)
Super Heroine dolls by Ideal, 1960s
Susi by Estrela, 1960s to present, sold in Brazil
Suzy by Plastic Molded Arts
Tammy et al by Ideal
Terry by xxxx, sold at Spiegel
Tina Cassini by Ross Products
Wendy by Evergreen
Wendy by WF Quality Toys
The following dolls do not have given names.
Dress Me Doll by xxxx (little sister)
Little Shopper by xxxx (little sister)
Ponytail Girl by Unique

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