Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ken, Skipper and Francie competitors

Dollar General sells dolls by Ja-Ru,
although I don't know what their names are:
Glitter Girl?  Runway Ready? Peg 8?

Just as with Barbie, manufacturers have made dolls to compete with her family.  These are some of the ones I've found for Ken, Skipper and Francie.  In regards to Ken, I am only including dolls, not action figures.  That's a very detailed research project for someone else!

Ken competitors
A Teens by Play Along Toys, 2000s
A.C. Slate/Mario Lopez, Screech Powers/Dustin Diamond and Zack Morris/Mark-Paul Gosselaar by Tiger Toys, 1990s (Saved by the Bell)
Aaron Carter by Play Along, 2000s
Adam and Paul by Jilmar, 1960s (Adam was Polly Walker’s boyfriend and Paul was her brother)
Amos by Toy Kidz, 1980s (Annie’s boyfriend)
Andy by Eegee/Goldberger Toys, 1960s (Annette’s boyfriend)
Backstreet Boys by Hasbro, 1990s
Handsome Beau by Grants Plastics, 1960s
Dr. Ben Casey/Vincent Edwards by Valentine, 1960s (Ben Casey)
Beto by Estrela, 1970s, sold in Brazil (Susi’s boyfriend)
Bill by Fab Lu, 1960s (Babs’ boyfriend)
Billy by PMS, 1980s
Bob and Don by DavTex, 1960s, sold by Zeller’s in Canada (Michele’s boyfriend)
Bob by Uneeda, 1960s, sold at Grant’s (Suzette’s boyfriends)
Gay Bob by Gizmo Development, 1970s
Bobby by Larami, 1960s (Janie’s boyfriend)
Bobby by Tempo/Ahlens, 1960s, sold in Sweden (Caroline’s boyfriend)
Bobby Orr by Regal Toy Limited, 1970s, sold in Canada
Boy George by LJN toys, 1980s
Boyzone dolls by Vivid Imaginations, 2000s, sold in England
Bruce and Chuck by Totsy, 1960s (Chuck is Cherie’s boyfriend)
Charles, Prince of Wales, by Launcey, Hachman & Harris, 1980s, sold in England
Christopher Columbus by Totsay, 1990s
Craig by Shillman, 1970s, sold at Sears (Lindsey’s boyfriend)
Dan by xxxxx, 1960s
Danny by xxxx, 1960s
Danny Tanner/Bob Saget by Tiger Toys, 1990s (Full House)
Delon by xxx, 1970s
Dennis Miller by Talking Presidents, 2000s
Prince Derek by Tyco, 1990s (Princess Odette’s boyfriend) (The Swan Princess)
Dimitri and Czar Nicholas by Galoob, 1990s (Dimitri is Anastasia’s boyfriend) (Anastasia)
Disney dolls by Bikin Express/Lash Distributors, 1980s
Disney Princes by Hasbro, 2000s, sold at the Disney Store
Don by Jilmar, 1960s (Polly Walker’s boyfriend), sold at Spiegel (named Frank in Germany)
Don and Rick by DavTex, 1960s, sold in Canada (Don is Suzette’s boyfriend in Canada)
Dwayne and TJ by Kenya’s World, 2000s (TJ is Kenya’s boyfriend)
Elvis Presley by LJN, 1980s
Eric by Tyco, 1990s (Ariel’s boyfriend) (The Little Mermaid)
Five Dolls by Yaboom, 2000s, sold in England
Flower Prince and Ladd dolls by Creata, 1980s (Flower Princes match up with Flower Princesses, Ladd is Lace’s boyfriend)
Frank and Toni by Alme, 1970s, sold in Germany
Fred by Plasty, 1960s to present, sold in Germany (Petra’s boyfriend)
Garrett by Hasbro/Warner Bros, 1990s (Kayley’s boyfriend) (The Legend of Camelot)
Gone with the Wind dolls by World Dolls, 1990s
Hank by Peggy Ann/Penco, 1960s, (Groovy Girl’s boyfriend)
Harry by Wentoys, 1970s, sold in Germany
Harvey Kinkle/Nate Richert by Kenner, 1990s (Sabrina’s boyfriend) (Sabrina, the Teen-Aged Witch)
Jackie by Hadson, 1960s
Jacky by GeGe, 1960s, sold in France (Mily’s boyfriend)
James and Jeffrey by Toy Time Inc., 1980s, sold at Toys R Us
Dr. James Kildare (Richard Chamberlin) by Valentine, 1960s (Dr. Kildare)
Jerry by Bella, 1970s, sold in France (Tressy’s boyfriend)
Jesse Katsopolis/John Stamos by Tiger Toys, 1990s (Full House)
Jim by Elite, 1960s (Wendy’s boyfriend)
Joe and Frank Hardy/Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson by Kenner, 1970s (The Hardy Boys)
Joe Namath by Mego, 1970s
John Travolta by Chemtoy, 1970s
Johnny West et al by Marx, 1960s and 1970s
Super John by Tomfu-Nekmer, 1970s, sold in Holland
Justin Bieber by Bravado, 2000s
Kevin by Uneeda, 1990s (Steffi Love’s boyfriend)
Kristoff by Hasbro, 2000s (Anna’s boyfriend) (Frozen)
Mark by Pedigree, 1980s, sold in England (Sindy’s boyfriend)
Menelik by Olmec, 1990s (Imani’s boyfriend)
Michael by Welo, 1970s
Michael Jackson by LJN Toys, 1980s
New Kids on the Block by Big Step Productions, 1990s
Pascal by xxxx, xxxxx
Paul and Randy by Totsy, 1970s (Randy is Twistee’s boyfriend)
Ricardo by Lili Ledi, 1970s, sold in Mexico
Richie/Ricky by Mego, 1970s (Maddie Mod’s boyfriend)
Rick by DavTex (Denise’s boyfriend)
Rick Hunter by Matchbox, 1980s (boyfriend of Lisa and Lynn) (Robotech)
Ricky Martin by xxxx, 1990s, sold in Central and South America
Robert and Johnny by Ocean Desert Sales, 1970s
Rod by xxxx, 1970s (Mariclare’s boyfriend), sold at JC Penney
Ronnie and Tommy by Plastic Molded Arts, 1960s (Ronnie is Debby’s boyfriend)
S Club 7 boy dolls by Hasbro, 2000s
Sergio Valente boy doll by Dimensions for Children, 1980s
TJ and Wayne by Friendship Club, 2000s (TJ is Kenya’s boyfriend)
Take That dolls by Vivid Imaginations, 1990s
Talking Presidents and Toy Presidents dolls, 2000s
Ted by xxxx, 1960s (not a Tammy family doll)
Westlife dolls by Yaboom, 2000s, sold in England
Vanilla Ice by T-HQ Inc., 1990s
The following dolls do not have given names.
Astronaut doll by Dakin, 1980s, sold at NASA
Beach Doll by Arkin A-OK, 1960s
Boss by El Greco, 1980s, sold in Greece
Boy doll by xxxx, 1960s
Dad and baby by El Greco, 1980s
Escort made by Fab Lu, 1960s, (Ronnie’s boyfriend)
Fashion Doll by Totsy, 1980s (Flair’s boyfriend)
Fireman Action by xxxx, 1970s
Las Vegas Dealer Doll by xxxx, 1970s
Lucy’s husband by Defa, 2000s
Olympic Star by Jak Pak, 1970s
Mr. Teen by Shillman, 1960s
Mr. Teenager USA by Evergreen Toy Co., 1960s (Miss Teenager USA’s boyfriend)
Wrangler by Ertl, 1980s

Skipper competitors
These dolls are young girls or teenagers.  They are not adults, such as the Mego Charlie’s Angels dolls.  That is another subject altogether.
Ann by Tempo/Ahlens, 1960s, sold in Sweden
Ariel et al by Tyco, 1990s (The Little Mermaid)
Babsy by Schildkrot, 1960s, sold in Germany (Gaby’s sister)
Baby by GeGe, 1960s and 1970s, sold in France (Mily’s sister)
Cheri by Tomy, 1970s (called Yuko in Japan)
Candy by Jilmar, 1960s, sold at Spiegel (Polly’s sister)
Corky by Shillman, 1960s
Cricket:  By America Character in the 1960s in the United States.  Named Snouky by Bella in the 1960s in France.  Named Toots by Palitoy in the 1960s in England.  (Tressy’s cousin and later her sister)
Dimples by xxx, 1960s, sold in Canada by Eaton’s (Babette’s sister)
Dottie by Prima, 1960s, sold at Kresge/Kmart
Dodie by Ideal, 1970s (Tuesday’s sister)
Miss Gwen by xxxx, 1960s
Honey by DavTex, sold in Canada (Suzette’s sister) at Simpsons Sears
Jody by Ideal, 1970s
Josie West et al, 1960s and 1970s (Johnny’s daughter)
Junior Miss and Marty by Allied Eastern Co., 1960s, sold at Grant’s
Keyshia by Friendship Club, 2000s (Kenya’s sister)
Miss Kitty by Cragstan, 1960s
Love et al by Hasbro, 1970s
Marlane by Pullan, 1960s, sold in Canada (Marjie’s sister)
Myra by Marx, 1960s (Marlene’s sister)
Peggy by Plasty, 1960s through 1980s, sold in Germany (Petra’s sister)
Rusty by DavTex, 1960s (Denise’s sister)
Sandie by xxxx, 1960s
Sandy by Elite Creations/Unique in the 1960s and Famous Doll Corp. in the 1970s (Wendy’s sister)
Scamp by xxxx, 1970s, sold in England
Snow White by Lucky Bell, 1990s (Happily Ever After)
Suzette by Delamare, 1970s, sold in England (Suzy’s sister)
Topsi by Busch, 1980s, sold in Germany (Karina’s sister)
Twiggy by xxxx, 1960s and 1970s (this is not the Mattel doll)
The following dolls do not have given names.
Berry Princess by Kenner, 1980s
Dress Me Doll by xxxx, 1960s to present
L’il Sister by Eegee, 1960s and 1970s (Shelly’s sister)
Lucy’s sister by Defa, 2000s
Miss Pre-Teen, 1960s, by Princess Grace/Mego/Graco (Maddie Mod’s sister)
Wonder Doll by Jak Pal, 1970s

Francie competitors
Blythe by Kenner, 1970s (she was more similar in body to Francie)
Daisy by Gabriel, 1970s
Janice West by Marx, 1960s and 1970s (Johnny’s daughter)
Jennifer by xxxx, 1970s
Lorraine by Playmate/Plasty, 1970s
Margaret by xxxx, 1970s
Miss Juguetes Grubner by Grubner Toys, 1970s, sold in Spain
The following dolls do not have given names.
Maxi Girl by xxxx, 1970s
Sunkissed Boutique doll by Peggy Ann/Penco, 1970s


D7ana said...

Thanks! Love this list.

Few more for Ken competitors:

1.) JLS group (UK only, I think)
2.) One Direction (Vivid Imaginations in UK; Hasbro in US - I think)
3.) The Wanted (Vivid Imaginations in UK AND US - still available on Walmart.com)

I need to come back here to check on your other dolls. Fun!

Is the "Handsome Beau" you list here the same as this one? I'll check back to see if you recognize him. Thanks in advance for looking, if you have the time.

I really enjoy your lists. Fun to see who I recognize and what I DON'T recognize. Again, thanks for sharing!

D7ana said...

My computer crashed, and my older photos backed up are in storage. The only photos I have of Handsome Beau are on my blog. Here's the link to his post. I think Beau is here with me - not in storage - but he's not right at hand now ;-) I wondered if Grant Plastics made more than one version of him. Thanks for looking!