Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Barbie's own competitors through the decades

Midwood Brands has a line of dolls and outfits called Lovely Patsy.  Patsy is available at Family Dollar.

These are some of the thousands of competitors Barbie has had since 1960.  These are dolls who are older teen girls or young women, 11 1/2 inches tall and thin with large breasts.  Even though there are 292 listed, I'm sure this is only a tenth of them.
As I mentioned before, the xxx's indicate I don't know the manufacturer. Starting with Action Girl below, the dolls listed after her do not have given names.
  1. A Teens girls by Play Along Toys, 2000s
  2. Alice by xxxx, 1960s
  3. Aline by Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls, 1960s
  4. Amanda Star by Totsy, 
  5. Anastasia and Empress Alexandra by Galoob, 1990s (Anastasia)
  6. Andie and Bix by xxxx, 2000s, sold at the Limited Too
  7. Anita by Gig,1970s
  8. Annette and Miss Babette by Eegee/Goldberger Toys, 1960s
  9. Annie and Beauty by Toy Home, 2000s
  10. Annie by Toy Kidz, 1980s
  11. Ayee by General Toy, 2000s, sold in Canada
  12. Babbie by San Industries, 1960s
  13. Babette/Miss Babette by xxxx, 1960s, sold at Eaton’s in Canada
  14. Babs, Peggy and Ronnie by Fab Lu, 1960s
  15. Barbara by xxx, 1970s, sold in England
  16. Barbara by Lili Ledy, 1970s and 1980s, sold in Mexico
  17. Barbara Jo by New Dolly Toy Co., 1960s
  18. Betsy Boutique by FJ Strauss Co., 1970s
  19. Betsy Teen by Uneeda/Empire, 1960s and 1970s
  20. Betty by Prima, 1960s, sold at Kresge/Kmart
  21. Betty by MC Teen, 1980s to present
  22. Betty Ann and Tina-Marie by Unique Doll Co., 1960s, sold at Woolworth
  23. Betty Ann, Debbie/Debby and Lilly by Plastic Molded Arts, 1960s
  24. Betty Ballard by Uneeda, 1960s
  25. Princess Betty Bye Bell by Vivid, 1990s
  26. Sweet Betty by xxxx, 1960s
  27. Blossom Russo/Mayim Bialik by Tyco, 1990s (Blossom)
  28. Bobby Soxer by Create, 1980s
  29. Bobby Teen by Admiration Toy Co., 1960s
  30. Bonnie and Miss Marlene by Marx, 1960s
  31. Bonnie, Debbie and Wendy by Elite Creations, 1960s
  32. Bonnie Dee by xxxx, 1990s, sold at Kresge/Kmart
  33. Brenda by Telitoys, 1960s
  34. Brittany by Uneeda, 1980s
  35. Brittany Spears by Play Along Toys, 2000s
  36. Brooke Shields by LJN, 1980s
  37. Miss Camay by xxxx, 1960s
  38. Candi et al by Mego, 1970s
  39. Carine by MIG, 1970s
  40. Carol Anne by xxxx, 1960s
  41. Caroline and Pia by Tempo/Ahlens, 1960s, sold in Sweden
  42. Catherine Cheri by xxxx, xxxx, sold in Canada
  43. Celebrity dolls by World Dolls, 1980s and 1990s
  44. Celebrity dolls by Jakks Pacific, 2000s
  45. Miss Celina, Miss Glenda and Miss Mary by Trans Asiatic Enterprises, 1960s
  46. Charley by Hunter Toys, 1980s, sold in England
  47. Charly by Durham, 1970s
  48. Chelsea by Bradgate, 1970s, sold in England
  49. Cherie by xxxx, 1960s
  50. Cherie and Flair/Ms. Flair by Totsy, 1970s to present
  51. Cherie Petite by xxxx, 1960s
  52. Chickie by Sonsco, 1960s
  53. Colleen by Royal Sales Co., 1960s
  54. Consuelo by Olmec, 1990s
  55. Debbie Drake, Debbie Dunbar, Peg and Polly by Valentine, 1960s
  56. Debby by xxxx, 1990s
  57. Diana by Manley, 1990s
  58. Diana by Nimex Napoli, 1980s, sold in Italy
  59. Diana by Way Out Toys, 1990s
  60. Princess Diana by Launcey, Hachman & Harris, 1980s, sold in England
  61. Denise, Diane, Kitty, Linda, Suzette and Vivian by DavTex, 1960s
  62. Denise and Kenya by Friendship Club, 2000s
  63. Disney dolls by Applause, 1990s
  64. Disney dolls by Bikin Express/Lash Distributors, 1980s
  65. Disney Princesses by Hasbro, 2000s, sold at the Disney Store
  66. Dolly Levi/Carol Channing by AE, 1970s (Hello, Dolly)
  67. Dolly Parton by Eegee/Goldberger Toys, 1970s
  68. Dolly Parton by World Dolls, 1990s
  69. Donna by Uneeda, 1970s and 1980s
  70. Anna-In by Migliorati, 1980s, sold in Italy
  71. Dyna Girl by BARTER, 1970s, sold in England (yes, the name is all caps)
  72. Ekaterina “Katia” Gordeeva by Playmates, 1990s 
  73. Elizabeth Taylor and Gone with the Wind dolls by World Dolls, 1990s
  74. Emma Peel/Diana Rigg by Fairylite, 1960s (The Avengers)
  75. Fairytale Princesses by Pamson, 2000s
  76. Fiona Love by xxxxx, 1990s
  77. Florence Joyner Griffith by LJN, 1980s
  78. Flower Princess dolls by Creata, 1980s
  79. Fran Fine/Fran Drescher by Street Players, 1990s (The Nanny)
  80. Fulah/Fulla by by NewBoy, 2000s, sold in the Middle East
  81. Gaby and Kessy by Schildkrot, 1960s, sold in Germany
  82. Genevieve by xxxx, 1960s
  83. Get Set Club dolls by Get Set, 2000s
  84. Gigi by Natural Doll Co., 1960s
  85. Gina by Allison Corp., 1960s
  86. Glamour Secrets dolls by Creata, 1980s
  87. Gloria by xxxx, 1960s
  88. Goldkopfchen by Palitoy in the 1970s, sold in German
  89. Honey West/Anne Francis by Gilbert, 1960s (Honey West)
  90. Hilary Duff by Playmates, 2000s
  91. Imani by Olmec, 1990s
  92. Queen Isabella by Totsy, 1990s
  93. Jacki and Michele by DavTex, 1960s, sold at Zeller’s in Canada
  94. Jackie by Gaby, 1960s
  95. Janay by Integrity Toys, 2000s
  96. Jane by xxxx, 1960s
  97. Jane West by Marx, 1960s and 1970s (Johnny West’s wife)
  98. Jeannie/Barbara Eden by Trendmasters, 1990s (I Dream of Jeannie)
  99. Jeany from HP, 1960s
  100. Jessie Spano/Elizabeth Berkley, Kelly Kapowski/Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Lisa Turtle/Lark Voorhies by Tiger Toys, 1990s (Saved by the Bell)
  101. Janie by Larami, 1960s
  102. Jenna and Kenzie by xxxx, 1990s, sold by Avon
  103. Jennifer by xxxx, 1970s
  104. Jenny by Funtime, 1990s
  105. Joanna by Krawal, 1980s, sold in Poland
  106. Juanita, Marla Gibbs and Wanda by Shindana, 1970s
  107. Judy by Ocean Desert Sales, 1970s and 1980s
  108. Miss Judy by Toy Shop, 1960s
  109. Juliana by Regal Toy Limited, 1970s, sold in England
  110. Karen by Raffoler Ltd., 1990s
  111. Kari Michell by Variety Wholesalers, 2000s
  112. Karina by Busch, 1970s and 1980s, sold in Germany
  113. Kati by the Newman Co., 1970s
  114. Kenya et al by Kenya’s World, 2000s
  115. Kelsey by Kid Kore, 2000s
  116. Kiki Teen by Peggy Ann/Penco, 1970s
  117. Lace et al by Creata, 1980s
  118. Laurie Jane by xxxx
  119. Laurie Lee by Ross Doll Co., 1960s
  120. Lili by Lili Ledi, 1960s to 1980s, sold in Mexico
  121. Lily by xxxx, 1960s
  122. Lilly by Plastic Molded Arts, 1960s
  123. Linda by Linda/Ges/Deluxe, 1960s, sold in Germany
  124. Lindsey by Shillman, 1970s and 1980s, sold at Sears
  125. Linnette by xxxx, 1960s, sold in Australia
  126. Lisa by Shillman, 1980s
  127. Lisa Anne by Tak-a-Toy, 1980s
  128. Liz by Louis Greenberg & Sons, 1960s
  129. Lolita by xxxx, 1960s, sold in Germany
  130. Lori by Totsy, 1960s
  131. Lori, Maddie Mod and Trudy by Princess Grace/Mego/Graco, 1970s
  132. Lucy and Sheila by Defa, sold in Israel
  133. Madeliefje by Edor, 1980s, sold in Holland
  134. Mandy Moore by Play Along, 2000s
  135. Marcie Mod by A&H Doll Manufacturing Corp., 1970s
  136. Margie by Imco, 1980s
  137. Margot by Viopad, 1970s, sold in Greece
  138. Mariclare by xxxx, 1970s, sold at JC Penney
  139. Marilyn Monroe by DSI, 1990s
  140. Miss Marlene by Drei-M, 1960s
  141. Marzie by Allied Doll Co., 1960s
  142. Melissa by Mortoys, 1970s
  143. Melody by xxxx, 1960s
  144. Michelle by xxxx, 2000s
  145. Miki by Uneeda, 1980s
  146. Milly by Evergreen, 1960s
  147. Mily by GeGe, 1960s, sold in France
  148. Mimi by xxxx, 1980s
  149. Mindy and Polly Walker by Jilmar, 1960s, sold at Spiegel
  150. Miss America dolls by Kenner, 1990s
  151. Missy by xxxx, 1960s
  152. Missy by Ertl, 1980s
  153. Mitzi by Ideal, 1960s, sold by Reliable in Canada
  154. Molly by My Toy Co. Inc., 1960s
  155. Monique by Empire, 1960s
  156. Nancy by xxxx, 1970s
  157. Nancy by LaughMart, 2000s
  158. Nancy by ZJB, 1960s
  159. Naomi and Ellisse by Olmec, 1980s
  160. Nicola by xxxx, 1970s
  161. Nicole by xxxx, 2000s
  162. Princess Odette by Tyco, 1990s (The Swan Princess)
  163. Pamela by Dan Brechner & Co., 1960s
  164. Patsy by xxxx, 1990s
  165. Patsy by Lovely Patsy/Midway Brands, 2000s, sold at Family Dollar
  166. Peg 8 by Ja-Ru Inc., 2000s, sold at Dollar General
  167. Polly by Creative Kids/Midwood Brands, 2000, sold at Family Dollar
  168. Princess Pattie by xxxx, 1960s
  169. Pauline by xxxx, 1960s
  170. Lady Penelope Creighton Ward/Sylvia Anderson by Fairylite, 1960s, sold in England (Thunderbirds)
  171. Petsy Teen by xxxx, 1970s
  172. Popi by American Doll & Toy Co., 1960s
  173. Purdey/Joanna Lumley by Denys Fisher, 1970s, sold in England (The New Avengers)
  174. Rachel by xxx, 1970s, sold in England
  175. Rainbow by xxxx, 1970s
  176. Razanne by Ammar Saadeh, 1990s
  177. Real Models by Matchbox, 1990s
  178. Rebecca Katsopoulis/Lori Loughlin by Tiger Toys, 1980s (Full House)
  179. Robin by Manley, 1990s
  180. Robotech dolls by Matchbox, 1980s (Robotech)
  181. S Club 7 girl dolls by Hasbro, 2000s
  182. Sabrina Spellman/Melissa Joan Hart by Kenner, 1990s (Sabrina, The Teen-Age Witch)
  183. Sally by xxxx, 1970s
  184. Sandi by Totsy, 1980s
  185. Sarah Brown/Tatum O’Neal by Kenner, 1970s (International Velvet)
  186. Selena Gomez by ARM Enterprise, 1990s
  187. Serine by Greenbrier International, 2000s, sold at Dollar Tree
  188. Shauntee by Rainbow Classics, 1990s, sold at Sears
  189. Miss Sheree Lee by Shillman, 1960s
  190. Smartees by Smartees, 2000s
  191. Sindy by Hasbro, 1986 to 1997
  192. Sophie by Lollipop, 2000s
  193. Spice Girls by Galoob, 1990s
  194. Steffie Love by Uneeda, 1980s to present
  195. Stefy by Bikin, 1980s, sold in France
  196. Stiljoy by Sebino, 1970s
  197. Susanna by xxxx, xxxx, sold in Italy
  198. Suzette and Tina-Marie by Uneeda, 1960s, sold at Grant’s
  199. Suzette by Brothers Import & Development Ltd., 1970s
  200. Susie by FJ Straus Co., 1970s
  201. Susie Girl by Playtime, 1990s
  202. Suzy by Delamare, 1970s, sold in England
  203. Sylvie by Joja, 1960s, sold in France
  204. Talking Presidents and Toy Presidents dolls, 2000s (Hillary Clinton, Ann Coulter and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. THESE ARE SCARY!)
  205. Tanya by Ceppiratti, 1970s, sold in Italy
  206. Tanya by Giochi Preziosi, 1980s, sold in Italy
  207. Tanya by Mego, 1970s
  208. Taylor Swift by Play Along, 2000s
  209. Terri by xxxx, 1970s
  210. Miss Terry Teen by xxxx, 1960s
  211. Tina by xxxx, 1970s
  212. Tina by Aggio, 1980s
  213. Talking Tina by Toymax, 1990s
  214. Trendi by xxxx, 1960s
  215. Tressy:  By American Character in the United States in the 1960s in the United States.  By Bella in the 1960s and 1970s in France.  By Novo Gama in the 1960s in Spain.  By Palitoy in the 1960s and 1970s in England.  By Regal Toy in the 1960s in Canada.
  216. Twistee by Totsy, 1960s and 1960s
  217. Valarie by Dandee, 1960s
  218. Vanna White by Home Shopping Club, 1990s
  219. Vickie by Excite, 2000s
  220. Victoria “Tori” Justice by Spinmaster International, 2000s
  221. Wendy by Uneeda, 1960s
  222. Wendy Ward by Uneeda, 1960s, sold at Montgomery Ward
  223. Wendy Wig by Telsaldo, 1960s
  224. Xuxa by RoseArt, 1990s, sold in Central and South America
  225. Action Girl by Palitoy, 1970s, sold in England (same as Dollikin)
  226. Adventure Girl by Shillman, 1970s
  227. Angels, 1970s, sold in England (These dolls were based on a 1970s/80s BBC series called Angels.  Actress Carol Holmes, the star, played nurse Jean MacEwen.)
  228. Astronaut doll by Dakin, 1980s, sold at NASA
  229. Beauty Basics by xxxx, 2000s
  230. Boutique/Groovy Girl by Peggy Ann/Penco, 1960s and 1970s, sold at Kresge/Kmart
  231. Click Chicks by xxxx, 2000s
  232. Coca-Cola Girl by BBI Toys International, 1980s
  233. Disco Party by xxxx, 1970s
  234. Daddy’s Girls by xxxx, 1970s, sold at Kmart (Barbie and Tutti size dolls)
  235. Dr. Ben’s Nurse by Valentine, 1960s (Ben Casey.  Most often seen in the show was Jeanne Bates as Nurse Wills)
  236. Dollikin by Uneeda, 1970s
  237. Dolly and Maxi Mod by Shillman, 1960s and 1970s
  238. Dream Girl by xxxx, sold at Family Dollar
  239. Fashion Corner dolls by Lucky, 1980s to present
  240. Fashion Doll by Greenbrier International, 2000s, sold at Dollar Tree
  241. Fashion Doll and Princess by Mego, 1970s, sold at Kmart
  242. Fashion Doll, Fashion Girls and Glamour Girls by Just Kidz, 2000s, sold at Kmart
  243. Fashion doll by Kid Connection, 2000s, sold at Walmart
  244. Fashion Model doll by Cragstan, 1960s
  245. Fashion Teen by xxxx, 1960s
  246. Fashion World Fashion Doll Clone by Larco, 1980s
  247. Fiesta International by Totsy, 1990s
  248. Miss Free N Easy by LJN Toys Ltd., 1970s
  249. Fullerette by xxxxx, 1960s, sold by Fuller Brush Co.
  250. Garde-Robe Haute Couture/High Fashion Wardrobe doll, 1970s, sold in France
  251. GI Joe Nurse by Hasbro, 1960s (sometimes referred to as GI Jane)
  252. Girl Superheroes by Midwood Brands, 2000s, sold at Family Dollar
  253. Glamour Girls by Chic, 2000s
  254. Glitter Girl by Ja-Ru, 2000s, sold at Dollar General
  255. Her by Totsy, 1970s
  256. Howard Johnson waitress by xxxx, 1960s
  257. Indian Princess by Totsy, 1990s
  258. The Jordache Look doll by Princess Grace/Mego/Graco, 1980s
  259. Just Kids by xxxx, 2000s, sold at Kmart
  260. Cabin Crew dolls by KLM, 1980s, sold at European airports
  261. Mini Mod, Miss Beauty Contest and Miss Twist by Shillman, 1960s to 1980s
  262. Miss Co-Ed by Evergreen, 1960s
  263. Miss Fancy by xxxx, 1960s
  264. Miss Fashion World by Princess Grace/Mego/Graco, 1970s
  265. Miss Free N Easy by LJN, 1970s
  266. Miss Space Needle by Unique/Elite, 1960s
  267. Miss Teen by BRB, 1960s
  268. Miss Teen by Shillman, 1960s
  269. Miss Teenager USA by Evergreen Toy Co., 1960s
  270. Miss World Fashion by Jilmar, 1970s
  271. Missy Mod, Mod Miss and Modern Miss by Edico, 1970s
  272. Mommy and Me by xxxx, 1970s, sold at Sears (fashion doll and daughter 7 inches tall)
  273. Mommy to Be by MTB Inc., 1990s
  274. Mommy’s Secret Surprise by Hasbro, 1980s
  275. Petite by LJN, 1970s
  276. Pops Girl by xxxx, 1960s
  277. Posing Picture Perfect doll by Henry Garfinkle/Wonderama, 1990s
  278. Pretty Miss by xxxx, 1970s
  279. Princess and Scary Dolls et al by Kid Connections, 2000s
  280. Princess by Esco, 1960s
  281. Princess by Uneeda, 1970s
  282. Prom Night dolls by Creata, 1980s
  283. Qantas Airlines Flight Attendant by xxxx, 1980s
  284. Sergio Valente doll by Dimensions for Children, 1980s
  285. Sport Girl by xxxx, 1970s
  286. Sports Girls by Auxo/Dolgencorp, 2000s, sold at Dollar General
  287. Sunkissed Boutique dolls by xxxx, 1970s
  288. Sun Dreamers/Suntan Secrets dolls by Creata, 1980s
  289. Texaco Cheerleader by xxxx, 1970s, sold at Texaco
  290. Tulip Doll by xxxx, 1990s
  291. Waikiki Girl by xxxx, 1970s
  292. Worth It Fashion Doll by xxxx, 1980s, sold at Woolworth

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skippercollector said...

I found another one at Kmart last week. It's a nameless Girlfriends Fashion Doll by Agglo Corp. Limited. It is a true Barbie clone, as the face and body is the same as the current Barbie.